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Basecamp Interview: Utilizing Visual Content to Your Company’s Advantage

It’s no secret that online content has gone the way of visuals, and if you want to keep up with your competitors you need to integrate dynamic imagery, storylines, and even animation into your marketing strategy. But in which type of visual content should you invest? It isn’t a one size fits all type of…

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Marketing Video Tips

6 Proven Marketing Video Tips for Improving Conversions

Consumers are increasingly expecting authentic and visually-engaging brand advertisements if they are to make a purchase. Thankfully, online video is a powerful tool that can help brands fulfill these expectations and convert engaged audiences into buyers. Although there are no exact rules on how your brand should use video to improve conversions, there are best…

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marketing videos strategy

Does Your Brand Need a Marketing Video Strategy?

2015 has been renowned as the Year of Video Marketing, so you’ve most likely had a meeting or two about how your brand is going to showcase its product or service in video format. Whether you have started a video or not, your brand does in fact need a marketing video strategy. Why? Because everyone…

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Ideas on how to implement video into an existing marketing strategy

Fitting Animated Video into an Existing Marketing Strategy

Whether you already have an existing marketing or communications strategy in place or not, incorporating an animated video is not only easy, but the video itself will also extend the legs of your campaign and reinforce your message. The beauty of animation is that you have complete freedom to match the look and feel of…

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Video ideas to fuel your inbound marketing strategy

Fresh Online Video Ideas to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

In the past few years we’ve seen online video become an integral part of inbound marketing strategies. Now companies are looking for new ways to leverage this medium more than ever to generate leads. Maybe your company was on the bleeding edge of its industry and incorporated online video ahead of the curve; otherwise you…

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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Making an Impact: Animated Videos for a Social Cause

Producing animated videos for a social cause is a bit different than creating a video for a product or service. First and foremost, a video for a social cause is often designed to trigger an emotional response that is typically addressed as an element in Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. For example, the recent outbreak of Ebola…

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Video Marketing for Cloud Based Services & Web Apps

Video Marketing for Cloud Based Services & Web Apps

Video marketing is a great channel to utilize when working with cloud-based service and web apps. In our experience, we have found that with most cloud-based platforms, there is no easy way to describe the product in a short message without leaving out important features. If your business offers cloud-based services, here’s a listing of a few…

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maximizing marketing strategy with video series

How to Maximize Your Marketing Strategy with a Video Series

In today’s world, corporate video has evolved from a one-time, one-video market to numerous videos strategically released. Especially for big brands (though more and more for all companies), having only one video does not give consumers enough information, and especially does not describe your product in depth. Even if you have already made an online video, we…

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maximizing online video views

Clever Tips on How to Maximize your Online Video Views

You’ve created an online video for your company.  Congratulations! Now you need to promote it. There are great ways to feature your videos besides just posting on on Facebook or Twitter. If you want your videos to receive high number of views, then you must find creative ways to get your video exposed. Here are…

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NovaPolymers Whiteboard Animation

Tell the Customer Story Instead of the Brand Story

Animated videos are great vehicles for communicating a message to your current or potential clients, but often the most powerful message is communicated by telling the customer story rather than your own story. Telling the customer story is a great way to show your audience that you understand and empathize with your client’s challenges, which helps…

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