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Using Video Metrics to Collect Better Data for Lead Generation via KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics: Using Video Metrics for Better Lead Generation

In the past, marketers were limited to only a few points of reference, such as number of views and plays, when analyzing how well a video performed online. Today we have access to advanced metrics that can help marketers pinpoint areas within a video that are most – and least – engaging. There are a…

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Three ways to test and measure video performance

Three Ways to Test & Measure Online Video Engagement

Now that you’ve created your online video, you want to make sure that your storyboard and images are captivating enough to create a good return on your investment. Making sure that your target audience engages with your message is key to the success of your marketing strategy, and we’d like to recommend our top three…

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What are the Best Web Video Hosting Services for Web Applications?

Choosing between web video hosting services for your online video is like picking out a television: not only do aesthetics matter, but functionality and image quality are key. The right TV set can make your living room look elegant and brighten your whole viewing experience, while the wrong one just makes you want to get up…

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