What are explainer videos?

Also known as conversion videos, overview videos, and homepage videos, explainer videos are videos meant to convey information to your target audience about your company, service, or product. As the name implies, it is explaining. It must deliver a clear message to your intended audience. After watching the explainer video, individuals should have a clear grasp of what you are actually trying to do for them.

The best explainer videos ideally cover four general points: the problem would-be customers face, the solution, the features and benefits, and how the solution works. These four components lead your explainer video to be compelling and credible. Research has shown that this is a recipe for success that can drive further customer growth.

Why should I use an explainer video?

If you are looking to better explain something to your customers (or would-be customers) about your company, product, and/or service, look no further than an explainer video! Although sometimes confused with a commercial, explainer videos are quite distinct. Oftentimes longer than a commercial, explainer videos give your audience more “meat.” In other words, it’s giving your potential customers detailed information rather than just a glimpse of what you are offering. Typically, individuals watching explainer videos are already somewhat familiar with what you are offering.

What are the features of a high-quality explainer video?

Not all explainer videos are created equal. Many production companies will cut corners in order to save money and cut down on time costs; however, at Revolution Productions, we believe in delivering high-quality, professional videos. That is why we do not cut corners and put in all the necessary effort required to produce an outstanding video.

In order for an explainer video to be great, Revolution Productions includes the following characteristics:

The message is clear and
the story is concise

It focuses on the benefits of your
product or service rather than its

The tone of the video is

It contains a precise call-to-action; it
gives you a game plan

It is no longer than about 2

It has engaging content
throughout the entire video

How should I use explainer videos?

Explainer videos are most effective when they are placed on the homepage of your website or explicitly made aware to your clientele, such as through a newsletter. When customers are engaging with an explainer video, they are most often in the consideration phase of interacting with the market. In other words, they are aware of their problem and are seeking a remedy for it. Explainer videos give your company the opportunity to convince the would-be customer that what you are offering is right for them, that your service/product is superior to that of your competitors.

What’s the cost of a high quality explainer video?

High quality explainer videos take lots of time, effort, and resources. Some companies may offer very low prices for an explainer video, but the finished product will likely be underwhelming at best and disappointing at worst. At Revolution Productions, though, we put pride in our work and guarantee that you will receive an explainer video that you will love.

Our prices vary. Several factors come into play, such as complexity, requirements, and desired video length. Generally speaking, an explainer video of quality will cost between $10,000 and $20,000. Higher end videos are approximately $15,000 to $20,000. Before we begin production of your video, we will explain the likely cost. Here at Revolution Productions, we believe in making our clients fully aware of their cost commitment; you won’t be facing any unpleasant surprises with us.

How do we know if an explainer video is successful?

To determine whether or not your explainer video campaign is successful depends on your company’s individual, specific goal. First, you must actually set a desired goal. View counts are important, but your goal should also focus on engagement, which is how much of the explainer video viewers are watching, and conversions, which is the number of viewers who answer your “call-to-action.” Ultimately, you should be most concerned with conversions, as that is actually what drives increases in profits.

How long does it take Revolution Productions to create a high quality explainer video?

The specific time frame for your Revolution Productions explainer video depends on a number of factors, including the style, length, and complexity. However, in most situations, it takes about 6 to 12 weeks for us to produce for you a high quality, amazing explainer video. Additionally, if revisions are necessary, that will increase the time frame by a bit. But believe us, having a Revolution Productions video is worth the wait!

Why should I pick Revolution Productions
to create my explainer video?

This question is easy! By picking Revolution Productions to create your explainer video, you are receiving a guarantee that your video will be of the highest production quality. As said before, Revolution Productions does not cut corners. We put pride in our work and have a desire to satisfy all of our clients. Because of our firm work ethic and commitment to creating high quality videos, Revolution Productions has earned a fantastic reputation. If you’d like to view our portfolio to see some of our high quality work, please just reach out to us. We’d also love to give you some of our references. We are sure you will be pleased with what you find. We look forward to creating an excellent, high quality explainer video for you!

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