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Clever Ways to Use Promotional Videos for Your Business

Producing a promotional video for your business undoubtedly has its advantages. However, producing one that is truly successful takes more creativity than one may think. Larger businesses tend to have difficulty when finding a way to narrow down their offerings into a single promotional video that is both engaging and less than 90 seconds. Not…

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How to Appeal to your Target Audience with Promotional Videos

Remember in class when our teachers taught us how to react in an emergency situation? In order to properly get help, we must designate a specific person to call 911 or take action. Well, apply that same theory to your business’ call of action in a marketing video. As businesses, we often explain our services…

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How to Host Video Contests – Tips for a Successful Campaign

Video isn’t the future – it’s the now.  More and more companies (like Instagram) are jumping on the video bandwagon to promote a new product, feature, or just themselves.  So, want to get a lot of video content to your site?  Creating a video contest for your company is one way to do this. We’re…

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