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How ProductionHUB Built its Massive Community for Video Professionals

ProductionHUB has rapidly grown to become the world’s largest and most active production community search site. We spoke with Katrina de Leon, the Director of Marketing at ProductionHUB, about how they use original video content to engage this large community and what the future of video production looks like. Read our full Q&A session with Katrina below.…

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How to Master Video Marketing on LinkedIn

After creating a marketing video, most brands distribute their videos through YouTube, Facebook, or other paid media options. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of the most important networks for B2B marketers. It boasts over 350 million registered users and sets itself apart with a more professional, business-savvy audience. However, most companies underutilize the…

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Marketing Video Tips

6 Proven Marketing Video Tips for Improving Conversions

Consumers are increasingly expecting authentic and visually-engaging brand advertisements if they are to make a purchase. Thankfully, online video is a powerful tool that can help brands fulfill these expectations and convert engaged audiences into buyers. Although there are no exact rules on how your brand should use video to improve conversions, there are best…

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Do Video Storyboards Really Matter?

Making a good company video starts with careful planning. Whether it’s a promotional video, explainer video, or demo video, any type of video benefits from thorough pre-production. One of the most important stages in your video’s pre-production is your video storyboard. Storyboarding is a working document that breaks down the script into individual frames and…

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Infusionsoft marketing

Infusionsoft Interview: How Video is Shifting Small Business Marketing Efforts

As we shift into the future of online marketing, more and more small businesses now realize the importance of an online video presence in their marketing mix. The increased accessibility of video tools and sharing systems has been a game-changer for businesses that typically couldn’t afford high-end video equipment. Developing a video marketing strategy can…

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Are personalized videos the next big trend

Are Personalized Videos the Next Big Thing? Marketing Experts Weigh In

Video personalization is rather new, but it seems to be becoming a trend in the video marketing world. Companies like Nike+ and Cadbury have begun to incorporate personalized videos into their active marketing strategy. Meanwhile businesses that focuse exclusively on providing personalized videos in real time, have increased immensely in popularity. For example, in email marketing,…

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marketing videos strategy

Does Your Brand Need a Marketing Video Strategy?

2015 has been renowned as the Year of Video Marketing, so you’ve most likely had a meeting or two about how your brand is going to showcase its product or service in video format. Whether you have started a video or not, your brand does in fact need a marketing video strategy. Why? Because everyone…

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Revolution Productions Creative Director Marta

Behind the Scenes with Marta Ordeig: Producing Successful Marketing Videos

Revolution Productions’ Creative Director Marta Ordeig shares her expert tricks and production tips on producing successful online marketing videos. Producing a successful marketing video that not only entertains, but returns results is no easy task, especially when you have a limited time frame of 90-120 seconds. Revolution Productions’ own Creative Director, Marta Ordeig explains, “Producing an…

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