3rd September 2015

Does Your Brand Need a Marketing Video Strategy?

marketing videos strategy

2015 has been renowned as the Year of Video Marketing, so you’ve most likely had a meeting or two about how your brand is going to showcase its product or service in video format. Whether you have started a video or not, your brand does in fact need a marketing video strategy. Why? Because everyone else is making a video and you need yours to stand out. Having a marketing video strategy is important from beginning to end to ensure a high ROI. There are important questions to ask and answer during each step to help make a strong marketing video; here are questions that will help your team make an impactful company video.

Before Creating the Marketing Video

Why are we creating this video? Do we want more customers? More brand followers? What is the overall goal?
Who will we target in this video? What set group do we want to reach?
How can we create a video that engages this target group?
Which video style will showcase our product the best?

Why is this important: During the video creation process, it’s easy to get off-point – maybe your messaging becomes blurry or you start to add in unnecessary seconds. Having goals and discussions on what’s important before your marketing video comes to life will help make sure this doesn’t happen.

During ScriptWriting

Is the script airtight – does every line count?
How many seconds is the script if you read it out loud?
Can any line, half line, or word be cut?
Does the script sound engaging – this can be through humor, emotion, etc.?
Did you make sure to run it by your target market group to ensure they like it?

Why is this important: The script can make or break your marketing video, so it’s important that you lock this step down before production. While there can be slight changes when creating the video, being able to go back to a stellar script will help keep the process on track.

During Production

How will I communicate with the production team?
How will I be informed of each step of the process?
Will I have the ability to edit the storyboard? How many changes can I make during production?

Why is this important: It’s your video, so you should be happy with how the production is going along. You’ll want to workout a communication strategy with your production team ahead of time so no one is unhappily surprised along the way.


Where on the website will we post the video once it’s completed?
Will we send this via email newsletter (how often and to what groups)?
What social networks will this be posted on (your target should be active on those networks)?
How will we get this video to potential customers?
How will we measure the video’s impact?

Why this is important: If you make a great video and no one sees it, then you defeat the purpose (unless the video is for internal use only). You want to make sure that you measure your video on all networks and on your website especially, so you can see the impact.

Planning ahead makes a marketing video creation process much easier, so it’s important to discuss all of these questions as a team. It will most likely take more than one meeting to pull together your main points, but your production team should be able to help you along.

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