8th September 2015

Are Personalized Videos the Next Big Thing? Marketing Experts Weigh In

Are personalized videos the next big trend

Video personalization is rather new, but it seems to be becoming a trend in the video marketing world. Companies like Nike+ and Cadbury have begun to incorporate personalized videos into their active marketing strategy. Meanwhile businesses that focuse exclusively on providing personalized videos in real time, have increased immensely in popularity. For example, in email marketing, personalized video receives a click-through rate 272% higher than that of a standard video. 

So as the numbers in video personalization continue to grow, we wanted to know what the consensus was on this tool in the marketing world. We broached the question to a group of video marketing experts.

We asked them if they felt that video personalization had made an impact on the marketing world and, if so, would it continue to do to so in the future? Here is what they had to say.


Video Personalization is on the Rise


Chris KeVideo personalization on the riseath, Workflow & Broadcast Engineer

I see two different ways of this playing out. Web Player Tech /Back End Rendering: This is the cheesy “your name here” graphics integration; turning your Cookies into Bitmoji style banners or whatever. It’s an ad integration thing, and like ‘recommendation engines’ it’s really about ad companies twisting in-depth data collection as a feature not a cost for the end user. For video producers, it’s means random green boxes on your commercial sets. Like behind batters at baseball games.

Then you have the other trend, best exemplified by Kim Kardashian’s waterfall-of-money app, where she records herself saying like a zillion common names, and you unlock personalized video messages in the game as a reward. I’d call this using video to personalize. Here the challenge is not so much producing the content per se, but managing it. The output will become more complex, and non-technical metadata will become an increasingly important part of the deliverables.


Yes, Video Personalization is the Future

NimaNima Amiri, works at Video Path

If you see videos as a real marketing equivalent to traditional ads (ads in magazines, business cards/documents or blogs), then it’s the next logical step in branding your videos to create better brand awareness with your audience. That’s my personal opinion. Here is my biased opinion. I work at Videopath.  A video startup based in Berlin. We offer a tool that lets content creators create interactive videos by adding web content to specific moments to their video. But what we also offer is branding your player. Add your CI colors and logo to your player in order let your player fit into your website and CI. Since our customers highly demand it, I think it’s the next logical step.




Video Personalization Might be a Fad

Steve Cook, Video Producer and Manager

Video personalization is more of a marketing gimmick than it is anything to do with video production. It’s code, not video. All it does is add text to a shot that’s been specifically blocked out for it. I could see a client asking for a clip specifically designed for a personalized message, but it’s not a market I would actively pursue.


Daniel Trout, Co-Writer/Director/Editor at Trout/Fisher Productions

It’s a fad, and I think advertising companies will probably embrace it because of the fleeting novelty of it. It may even grab their clients, (or potential clients, depending on how invasive the data mining for these services goes,) attention, but it will fade into the white noise quickly. So if you’re going to jump on the bandwagon, jump fast.

What are your thoughts on video personalization? Share them with us below.

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