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Using Internal videos to grow your company from the inside.

Animated Explainer Videos for Internal Communications

No matter if you are a manufacturer of luxury cars, selling designer handbags or launching the next generation of computer software, animated explainer videos can be one of your most powerful communication tools to grow your business from the inside out. With video becoming the ‘IT’ way to relay information, more and more companies, such as…

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Educating Skilled Laborers for Increased Productivity, Profit and Global Competitiveness

Educating Skilled Laborers for Increased Productivity, Profit & Global Competitiveness

The manufacturing industry in North America has a problem…a really big one that is adversely affecting productivity, profits and overall global competitiveness. To offset this, employers must find an effective way to train, educate and motivate their employees. As stated in a Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte and Touche sponsored report entitled “Boiling Point?”, the biggest…

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