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Learning to Manage Social Video with Andrew McCauley

Marketers should by now be well-versed in the use of video for social media. Social video boosts your brand’s appeal to consumers, by building your brand as a leader in your marketplace. Implementing social video well conveys authority, know-how, and reliability – all things clients look for when choosing a company for any B2B service.…

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Facebook video

14 Experts Weigh-in On Facebook Video

Video has become an integral part of the Facebook experience. According to ReelSEO, Facebook users are now watching a total of 100 million hours of Facebook video daily. With these numbers, it’s no surprise that Facebook’s native video has become a principal tool for marketers in the B2B and B2C marketing game. With all the…

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How Video Storytelling is Changing & What it Means For Your Brand

Storytelling has always been an important part of an explainer video. Brands have mastered creating a story surrounding a product or offering and making sure that story is understandable throughout a video. The art of storytelling for company videos, however, is changing and consumers are beginning to expect something a bit different from brands. A…

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6 Reasons To Invest in Social Video

It’s no secret that video on social media is a powerful marketing tool: 82% of marketers say that video marketing has a positive impact on their business. So we know that video marketing boosts our brand’s appeal, but do we truly know in which ways social video does this? Let’s break it down to explain…

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maximizing online video views

Clever Tips on How to Maximize your Online Video Views

You’ve created an online video for your company.  Congratulations! Now you need to promote it. There are great ways to feature your videos besides just posting on on Facebook or Twitter. If you want your videos to receive high number of views, then you must find creative ways to get your video exposed. Here are…

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The right way to share videos on google+

The Right Way to Share Videos on Google+

As a video sharing platform, Google+ has many advantages over its competitors. For one thing, Google makes sharing videos on Google+ just about as easy as it could be with YouTube linking directly to your Google+ profile. Every time you post a video on YouTube, it will show up in the “YouTube” tab of your…

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