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Impact of Mobile Devices for Video

The Impact of Mobile Devices for Online Videos

If you have already integrated online video into your marketing strategy, you are already on the right track.  But, with more and more viewers watching online videos via their smartphones and tablets, it is essential to make sure your video is mobile-friendly. Whether your online video is being used as a promotional tool or as a way…

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How does video look on mobile devices

How Does Your Online Video Look on Mobile Devices?

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you launch your online video, and one of those things concerns tablets, smart phones, and all mobile devices. Did you know…. According to Ooyala, tablet/smart phone video viewing has jumped a whopping 90% in six months. That’s a lot! What are people…

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maximizing online video views

Clever Tips on How to Maximize your Online Video Views

You’ve created an online video for your company.  Congratulations! Now you need to promote it. There are great ways to feature your videos besides just posting on on Facebook or Twitter. If you want your videos to receive high number of views, then you must find creative ways to get your video exposed. Here are…

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Tips for Designing Videos for Mobile Viewers

* This blog was originally posted on CitizenTEKK Video is taking over mobile devices, and the amount of videos being viewed from mobile devices is continuously increasing. It is important to consider your mobile viewers and make your web videos suitable for mobile devices. The Pew Research Center 2013 Online Video Study reports that mobile…

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Benefits from Incorporating Mobile Devices into your Video

Almost everything you watch nowadays has some sort of mobile device present throughout the video. Typically it is a Smartphone or tablet, but why? Why do companies pick the device they do and what’s their purpose in the video.  Let’s start by tackling the first question, shall we?  Throughout the general lifespan of the mobile…

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Video for Apps: 5 Reasons Your Mobile App Needs a Video

So…you have a mobile app, great! Do you have the users? No? It’s probably because of those boring screenshots and written paragraphs explaining the application.  I mean come-on, we are not in the 1990s anymore! Videos demoing mobile applications are trending and VERY popular. The following are a few reasons your mobile app needs this…

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How to Host Video Contests – Tips for a Successful Campaign

Video isn’t the future – it’s the now.  More and more companies (like Instagram) are jumping on the video bandwagon to promote a new product, feature, or just themselves.  So, want to get a lot of video content to your site?  Creating a video contest for your company is one way to do this. We’re…

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Review of the Sony Xperia “Made of Imagination” Video Ad

As experts in video production, we’re always on the lookout for truly fantastic videos of any sort. Web video for advertising is an extremely powerful tool that can be employed in a million different ways, with unlimited room for creativity and imagination. The following is an animated web video that we think was especially successful.…

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