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Video Animation Style - character example

Which Video Animation Style Should Your Brand Invest In?

As simple as animated videos are, you still have the difficult decision of deciding which animated style will work best for your video’s message. Animated videos offer a range of styles that are able to help define the core components of your overall message; but, what is the difference between the video animation styles and which…

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Why Whiteboard Animation is so effective

7 Reasons Why Whiteboard Animation is so Effective

Today businesses all over the world are recognizing the power of whiteboard animation to help build greater brand awareness and sales. In the promotional video, eVestment used a whiteboard animation to break down a complicated subject matter into something that was both entertaining and easy to understand. As a result, this video received 2,500 views with an 81% engagement rate…

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Why Whiteboard Animation Makes an Impact

Now more than ever companies are tapping into the potential of whiteboard animation as a tool for communicating with current and prospective clients. Businesses are incorporating video into their strategies and we have specifically seen the rise of the “web video” utilizing whiteboard animation as a great way to educate the target audience on a company’s…

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Explaining Concepts with Simple Animation

Today we are going to talk about video in a different way. Typically our blogs offer our viewers tips and advice on all the tools necessary to create a stellar video. Not today! Have you ever wondered  why animated explainer videos use basic cartoon characters? Let’s show you why simple animation is a vital part…

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Why Use Whiteboard Animation to Explain Cloud-Based Products

As you know, explanatory videos are a useful tool to simply explain complicated subjects, especially for technical businesses such as software companies and cloud-based applications. As an online video production company, we have noticed a demand from complicated cloud-based software businesses that need our videos to simplify their products. Through our experiences, we have learned…

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Whiteboard Animation: How it Simplifys your Message

Today’s video brings us to a topic that we don’t like, but one that many of us have experienced: A car accident that leaves you with forms to file, bills to claim, and general chaos. You might feel like…your world is just turned upside down. Everyone has experienced something like this or has gone through…

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How to tell a story with Whiteboard Animation Video

Meet our latest client, MetaPlan, a discussion management and engagement consultancy. What do they do, you ask? Well MetaPlan incorporates facilitators and collaborative strategies to promote business initiatives. Are you a bit confused? Guess what! As always, we have a great explanatory video that uses whiteboard animation to explain their story: Better? So, if you’re…

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Informational Video for WebExpenses | Whiteboard Animation

We had quite an adventure with our recent client, WebExpenses. The challenge was to create an informational video that garnered the input of finance managers, all the while driving opinions and awareness on the concept: What does the future hold for finance? Take a look: For this engagement initiative, we did what we do best…

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The Power of Storytelling in Whiteboard Animation Videos

So. You’re in consulting and, like most jobs, your main goal is to keep the client happy. But what happens? Delays delays delays. And your client becomes unhappy. Who can blame them — we want everything now now now. What is the main problem here? You’re probably great at your job, but the process and…

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Using Whiteboard Animation Videos for the Medical Industry

If there was ever one field that needed an explanatory video, I think we can all agree that it’s the medical industry. Trying to figure out my own insurance, payments, procedures, etc is difficult enough, and imagining organizing it for a surgical facility, let alone a group of facilities, makes me cringe. Enter Medibis (Medical…

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