16th September 2013

Why Use Whiteboard Animation to Explain Cloud-Based Products

As you know, explanatory videos are a useful tool to simply explain complicated subjects, especially for technical businesses such as software companies and cloud-based applications. As an online video production company, we have noticed a demand from complicated cloud-based software businesses that need our videos to simplify their products. Through our experiences, we have learned a few things or two about how to simply explain just about anything. Our tool? It’s whiteboard animation! Let’s show you how we are able to simplify the messaging for cloud-based businesses with the power of whiteboard animation explainer videos.

The biggest obstacle that we deal with when working with cloud-based applications is how to consolidate their multifaceted offerings into a short and easy, comprehensible video.  By using whiteboard animation, we are able to guide the viewers’ eyes step-by-step through the different facets of the application with the additional help of process arrows, visuals, and some color!

Whiteboard Animation

Since cloud-based applications are not a visual product, we must create a way to make the product more visually relatable. In addition to the lack of appearance for most cloud-based applications, these products are not necessarily an edge-of your-seat discussion. So how do we get people to be interested in these style of videos? Well, with the power of our creativity, and awesome scripts of course!

Watch how we implemented our whiteboard animation style video for Avangate – the cloud-based eCommerce platform. Also, notice how we use  theoretical situations and bring them into realistic scenarios which are relatable to any eCommerce business:

Did you notice how easy that was to understand? We led the viewers and you into a subject that was fairly complicated and turned it into an entertaining and comprehensible video. I know, I know, we are practically video geniuses.

Although there are numerous of styles of web videos, we have found that whiteboard animation is an effective video style for highly technical businesses. Think your business needs us? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Stop by our video portfolio page to view more examples of how animated explainer videos can break-down your business’s complicated messaging.

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