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5 Landing Page Video Best Practices

Including a video on your landing page is extremely beneficial for your website. Not only does video increase the length of time a user spends on your website, but it can also increase conversions by 80%.  When placing the video on your landing page, it’s important to test what works and what doesn’t. Companies test…

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Video ideas to fuel your inbound marketing strategy

Fresh Online Video Ideas to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

In the past few years we’ve seen online video become an integral part of inbound marketing strategies. Now companies are looking for new ways to leverage this medium more than ever to generate leads. Maybe your company was on the bleeding edge of its industry and incorporated online video ahead of the curve; otherwise you…

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the roi of an explainer video

How do your Product Videos Increase ROI?

The average product video costs between $5,000 and $10,000 USD to produce, so marketers are under the gun to present results generated from that investment. That being said, online video trails only featured articles in terms of ROI for content marketing according to a recent study by In order to appropriately measure ROI and…

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Multiple Videos for One Company

Your business probably has multiple target audiences, and the best way to target each individual audience is to create a series of multiple videos. This can be a challenge, as it’s not easy to effectively communicate to multiple audiences with just one style of communication. How do companies deal with this dilemma? Using multiple videos. If…

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Demo Video vs. Infomercials: How not to be Spammy!

One of the worst things a company can do is make a company video that looks like an infomercial.  What’s even worse is if that company paid for a video service to make that spammy video. To know what I’m talking about, watch these top 10 worst infomercials. As funny as those are, do you…

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How to Make a One Minute Video Script

It’s finally time to whip up your informational explainer video for your business. You have a lot of ground to cover and only one minute to do this – how are you going to cram it all in? Editing! Here are a few tips to help you efficiently trim down your script into an effective…

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Tips for Budgeting a Product Video

So you are looking into producing a video for your product or service but have no clue what your budget should be. Don’t worry because you are not alone. Budgeting is difficult stuff for everyone.  In a perfect situation you would have an unlimited amount to spend on an explainer video for your company, but…

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YouTube Offering “Play in 3D Option”: Useful or Pointless?

Last week, YouTube announced that they will offer users a “play in 3D option” that will convert short-form videos to 3D automatically. This option, launched last September, was formerly only available for YouTube creators, but it has now been expanded to all YouTube users. On their blog, YouTube explains the technical side of this conversion…

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3 Components of a Successful Viral Video

We’ve all seen it (and if you haven’t you’re living under a rock) – the Joseph Kony 2012 video from Invisible Children. And we all have opinions on it – some think it’s great, some think it’s pointless, some just don’t care. Either way, this video was pushed in our faces and created a viral#…

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