17th April 2012

YouTube Offering “Play in 3D Option”: Useful or Pointless?

Last week, YouTube announced that they will offer users a “play in 3D option” that will convert short-form videos to 3D automatically. This option, launched last September, was formerly only available for YouTube creators, but it has now been expanded to all YouTube users. On their blog, YouTube explains the technical side of this conversion which involves a variety of video characteristics. The reason behind this option is that YouTube feels that 3D is the next big thing when it comes to web videos. So, are they right?

On the plus side, sales of 3D televisions are rising, which means that some viewers are more interested in watching content in 3D. Blockbuster movies like Titanic and The Lion King are being re-released in 3D with crowds rushing to the theater to relive their experiences in the third dimension.

On the negative side, do we all even own a pair of 3D glasses?

3D video

I don’t. And, don’t we all lose our regular glasses enough? I sit on my sunglasses every summer, so how am I supposed to keep track of a paper-thin pair of 3D glasses? Not to mention while wearing these glasses, multi-tasking becomes more difficult. Most of us are doing a couple things at a time while watching YouTube videos. Actually, aren’t most of us working while watching YouTube videos?

What we can say is that while web video commercials now have the option to be converted to 3D, I’m not sure everyone will jump on this trend. While businesses should keep this option in mind, it’s not vital to the success of a video. Don’t forget: 3D animation is different than a 3D video — I’ll happily watch a cute puppy meets kitty video in 3D animation, but too much in video 3D will probably give me a headache.

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