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Chris Mann

Webtrends’ Chris Mann Explains The Untapped Power Of Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are seldom used in digital marketing, yet they can be a highly useful type of content for attracting and retaining customers. This can be attributed to our growing propensity to learn through video, as we become better adapted to the digital space with each passing year. Webtrends, an agency which provides software solutions…

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Revolution Productions Spotlight Video: Production Map

New on the market today…. Production Map! This company offers a product that tracks and automates all changes in the software lifecycle. Hmm…are you confused as I am? Well watch their videos that uses cartoon animation to explain product more clearly: So, take note of why we made this video the way we did; it’s…

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iDelete Explainer Video

Spotlight: iDelete Explanatory Video

Have you ever sent a text message you don’t want the world to see? Oh, I’m sure not (wink wink). But, well, sometimes this happens to other people, am I right? If your SMS is sensitive in any way, sometimes you want confirmation that the recipient deleted it, but usually you only have his or…

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Informational Video for WebExpenses | Whiteboard Animation

We had quite an adventure with our recent client, WebExpenses. The challenge was to create an informational video that garnered the input of finance managers, all the while driving opinions and awareness on the concept: What does the future hold for finance? Take a look: For this engagement initiative, we did what we do best…

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Revolution Productions’ Latest Video: Site5

Have you been wondering what we’re up to behind the scenes as we provide you all this useful information about web video creation? Well the truth is, though we love blogging, the real action is happening in the videos we’re constantly working on for our clients. One of the projects we’re particularly proud of this…

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