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10 Video Experts Share Their #1 Tip for Instagram Video

Instagram’s focus has been shifting towards video with users interacting 40 percent more with video content in the last six months. It makes sense since Instagram video is an excellent marketing tool for brands to offer unique access to content, giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at what their company is all about and thus building…

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Why Your Brand Needs an Instagram Video Marketing Strategy

Instagram recently rolled out an update that allows you to record and post 60-second videos, a dramatic increase from its previous 15-second video capabilities. Furthermore, the social network is adding unique video features, such as slow-motion capabilities and video view counts, to the platform. Instagram has shown impressive growth over the last five years, but…

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Learning to Manage Social Video with Andrew McCauley

Marketers should by now be well-versed in the use of video for social media. Social video boosts your brand’s appeal to consumers, by building your brand as a leader in your marketplace. Implementing social video well conveys authority, know-how, and reliability – all things clients look for when choosing a company for any B2B service.…

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14 Experts Weigh-in On Facebook Video

Video has become an integral part of the Facebook experience. According to ReelSEO, Facebook users are now watching a total of 100 million hours of Facebook video daily. With these numbers, it’s no surprise that Facebook’s native video has become a principal tool for marketers in the B2B and B2C marketing game. With all the…

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How to Master Video Marketing on LinkedIn

After creating a marketing video, most brands distribute their videos through YouTube, Facebook, or other paid media options. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of the most important networks for B2B marketers. It boasts over 350 million registered users and sets itself apart with a more professional, business-savvy audience. However, most companies underutilize the…

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