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How to Master Video Marketing on LinkedIn

After creating a marketing video, most brands distribute their videos through YouTube, Facebook, or other paid media options. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of the most important networks for B2B marketers. It boasts over 350 million registered users and sets itself apart with a more professional, business-savvy audience. However, most companies underutilize the…

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how video helps internal communications

How Can Video Help Internal Communications

Human Resource departments constantly strive to find new ways to improve internal communications. As a company grows, offices expand to new cities and new countries, making internal communication more and more of a challenge. And now that more employees work remotely, traditional internal communication strategies are no longer relevant. One way to keep internal communication…

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Anna Rose Videopath

Interview: Interactive Video with Anna Rose

As online video continues to gain popularity with businesses and consumers alike, marketers are looking for the next big thing to differentiate themselves from the competition or to more effectively communicate their message. One of these up-and-coming solutions rapidly rising in popularity is interactive video. Interactive video is a powerful medium to engage viewers while…

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Why Use Animation for Your Next Online Video?

Whether you call them explainer, corporate, or online videos, when you incorporate an animated video into your digital marketing strategy you are offering a highly creative and flexible platform for site visitors to quickly engage with and set yourself apart from the competition. In the last few years, online videos have gone from being a…

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Video Marketing for Cloud Based Services & Web Apps

Video Marketing for Cloud Based Services & Web Apps

Video marketing is a great channel to utilize when working with cloud-based service and web apps. In our experience, we have found that with most cloud-based platforms, there is no easy way to describe the product in a short message without leaving out important features. If your business offers cloud-based services, here’s a listing of a few…

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How does video look on mobile devices

How Does Your Online Video Look on Mobile Devices?

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you launch your online video, and one of those things concerns tablets, smart phones, and all mobile devices. Did you know…. According to Ooyala, tablet/smart phone video viewing has jumped a whopping 90% in six months. That’s a lot! What are people…

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The right way to share videos on google+

The Right Way to Share Videos on Google+

As a video sharing platform, Google+ has many advantages over its competitors. For one thing, Google makes sharing videos on Google+ just about as easy as it could be with YouTube linking directly to your Google+ profile. Every time you post a video on YouTube, it will show up in the “YouTube” tab of your…

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Triumph Learning Whiteboard Animation

Online Video Solutions for Educators

With rise of technological solutions for educators, we have seen a wave of companies find success selling online video solutions aimed and addressing a wide range of challenges faced by today’s teacher. These companies are tapping into video as a wonderful medium for communicating their value proposition.  Let’s take a look at two different, but…

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Using Smart Humor in Web Video

Using Smart Humor in Web Videos

There is a fine line between “brilliant” and “inappropriate” when using humor in your web video. It’s important to create a balance between your company’s values and maintaining viewer interests. In the absence of humor or an entertainment value, a company’s description can seem dull and fail to achieve the objective of hooking its viewers.…

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the roi of an explainer video

How do your Product Videos Increase ROI?

The average product video costs between $5,000 and $10,000 USD to produce, so marketers are under the gun to present results generated from that investment. That being said, online video trails only featured articles in terms of ROI for content marketing according to a recent study by In order to appropriately measure ROI and…

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