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B2B video

4 Dynamic B2B Video Marketing Campaigns We Can All Learn From

In general, when speaking to a B2B audience, it’s believed that your company’s voice needs to have a more serious tone to convey authority. You’re talking to other companies, future business partners, collaborators, etc. in the B2B space and understandably, you want your videos to radiate professionalism and a thorough understanding of the market. Many…

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Infusionsoft marketing

Infusionsoft Interview: How Video is Shifting Small Business Marketing Efforts

As we shift into the future of online marketing, more and more small businesses now realize the importance of an online video presence in their marketing mix. The increased accessibility of video tools and sharing systems has been a game-changer for businesses that typically couldn’t afford high-end video equipment. Developing a video marketing strategy can…

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Anna Rose Videopath

Interview: Interactive Video with Anna Rose

As online video continues to gain popularity with businesses and consumers alike, marketers are looking for the next big thing to differentiate themselves from the competition or to more effectively communicate their message. One of these up-and-coming solutions rapidly rising in popularity is interactive video. Interactive video is a powerful medium to engage viewers while…

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