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Amanda Subler Breaks Down How Beginners Can Approach Video Marketing

Video is an incredibly useful tool in the marketing game, and it’s no surprise that not every company knows how to use this tool to its full potential. Many companies find themselves in deeply unchartered waters when they begin using video. That’s why we talked to Amanda Subler, Public Relations & Media Manager for Content…

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Basecamp Interview: Utilizing Visual Content to Your Company’s Advantage

It’s no secret that online content has gone the way of visuals, and if you want to keep up with your competitors you need to integrate dynamic imagery, storylines, and even animation into your marketing strategy. But in which type of visual content should you invest? It isn’t a one size fits all type of…

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Venngage Interview: Is Video Shaping the Future of Visual Content?

We can now say with certainty that consumers are far more likely to read and engage with information that includes visual or interactive content. Companies are jumping on board and creating data visualizations and infographics that are increasingly more interactive. Not only does the addition of video and interactivity make content more memorable, but it…

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Anna Rose Videopath

Interview: Interactive Video with Anna Rose

As online video continues to gain popularity with businesses and consumers alike, marketers are looking for the next big thing to differentiate themselves from the competition or to more effectively communicate their message. One of these up-and-coming solutions rapidly rising in popularity is interactive video. Interactive video is a powerful medium to engage viewers while…

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