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A Happy Holiday Video from Revolution Productions

From all of us here at Revolution Productions, we want to wish you a very happy holiday season! No matter where you are or how you celebrate, we hope you enjoy the holidays with family and friends.   Cheers to a wonderful 2016!  

Chris Mann

Webtrends’ Chris Mann Explains The Untapped Power Of Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are seldom used in digital marketing, yet they can be a highly useful type of content for attracting and retaining customers. This can be attributed to our growing propensity to learn through video, as we become better adapted to the digital space with each passing year. Webtrends, an agency which provides software solutions…

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5 Uncommon Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Production Company

There are thousands of video production companies worldwide, so choosing the right one to make your company’s explainer video is no easy task. Your search can be narrowed when you start to see other videos you like and find what company made them or when you ask for referrals. Most likely you’ll end up filtering…

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Infusionsoft marketing

Infusionsoft Interview: How Video is Shifting Small Business Marketing Efforts

As we shift into the future of online marketing, more and more small businesses now realize the importance of an online video presence in their marketing mix. The increased accessibility of video tools and sharing systems has been a game-changer for businesses that typically couldn’t afford high-end video equipment. Developing a video marketing strategy can…

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Are personalized videos the next big trend

Are Personalized Videos the Next Big Thing? Marketing Experts Weigh In

Video personalization is rather new, but it seems to be becoming a trend in the video marketing world. Companies like Nike+ and Cadbury have begun to incorporate personalized videos into their active marketing strategy. Meanwhile businesses that focuse exclusively on providing personalized videos in real time, have increased immensely in popularity. For example, in email marketing,…

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Anna Rose Videopath

Interview: Interactive Video with Anna Rose

As online video continues to gain popularity with businesses and consumers alike, marketers are looking for the next big thing to differentiate themselves from the competition or to more effectively communicate their message. One of these up-and-coming solutions rapidly rising in popularity is interactive video. Interactive video is a powerful medium to engage viewers while…

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Using Web Video in the Medical Industry

Using Web Videos in the Medical Industry

In an age where physicians and professionals in the medical industry are largely rated on their patient satisfaction scores, it is critical that they ensure their patients and clients are well-informed and educated regarding their treatments and procedures. According to a study published in the Official Journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM),…

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Impact of Mobile Devices for Video

The Impact of Mobile Devices for Online Videos

If you have already integrated online video into your marketing strategy, you are already on the right track.  But, with more and more viewers watching online videos via their smartphones and tablets, it is essential to make sure your video is mobile-friendly. Whether your online video is being used as a promotional tool or as a way…

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Top 4 Video Trends

Top 4 Video Trends & Opportunities

When it comes time for businesses to spread news to potential consumers, online videos are a phenomenal marketing tool. Online video consumption is greater than ever, and the Adobe Digital Index team’s online video research showed there has been a nearly 50% increase in video streams in recent years. This statistic undoubtedly shows the importance…

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No Longer King of the Castle: Is YouTube Falling?

YouTube has been undergoing many changes in the past couple of months, including a redesign that launched the new “professional content” pages on the site. The company has also rumored to have been scrubbing accounts, even deactivating dead YouTube accounts. Many of the most popular YouTubers have reported a decline in their viewership since these…

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