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Are personalized videos the next big trend

Are Personalized Videos the Next Big Thing? Marketing Experts Weigh In

Video personalization is rather new, but it seems to be becoming a trend in the video marketing world. Companies like Nike+ and Cadbury have begun to incorporate personalized videos into their active marketing strategy. Meanwhile businesses that focuse exclusively on providing personalized videos in real time, have increased immensely in popularity. For example, in email marketing,…

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Traditional Advertising

Explainer Videos: A Break from Traditional Advertising

Between the Internet, traditional advertising, TV and mobile devices, the average person is bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data a day. Whether it’s on the tram or subway, on a billboard, on our cup of morning coffee or from glancing at our own mobile phones, it’s nearly impossible to escape the ever-constant…

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Online Video Leads to Conversions

How Online Videos Lead to Conversions

If you are undecided whether or not you need an online video to boost visibility and sales for your product or service, you haven’t noticed the strong wave of online content videos that are making all the difference for businesses today. According to Invodo, in December of 2013 as much as 188.2 million people in…

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Top 4 Video Trends

Top 4 Video Trends & Opportunities

When it comes time for businesses to spread news to potential consumers, online videos are a phenomenal marketing tool. Online video consumption is greater than ever, and the Adobe Digital Index team’s online video research showed there has been a nearly 50% increase in video streams in recent years. This statistic undoubtedly shows the importance…

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What Type of Web Videos do Startups Use?

Startups have to jump over difficult barriers in order to be recognized in the fast moving digital world. Not only do they need to establish a brand, but they also need to encourage users to try out their products. This is why web videos are an essential tool for startups. They effectively communicate important information,…

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Where to CrowdSource for Video Production?

Deciding how to produce an online video today can be a daunting task with the limitless opportunities and companies the Internet offers the consumer. We know the budget constraints some individuals and companies have, which is why crowdsourcing can be a good option. Crowdsourcing your video is a great way to create a quality web…

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What Style of Web Video does your Business Need?

As simple as explainer videos are, you still have the difficult decision of deciding which animated style will work best for your video’s message. Explainer videos offer a range of styles that are able to help define the core components of your overall message; but, how do you know which style will be most effective…

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What’s the Deal with Video Rich Snippets

By now you have definitely heard that you must include video on your website in order to encourage higher search engine ranking. So, you finally post some videos onto your homepage, but still haven’t seen much of a difference. Well, that’s because you haven’t optimized your video. By optimizing your videos, your site is 50…

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Why Use Whiteboard Animation to Explain Cloud-Based Products

As you know, explanatory videos are a useful tool to simply explain complicated subjects, especially for technical businesses such as software companies and cloud-based applications. As an online video production company, we have noticed a demand from complicated cloud-based software businesses that need our videos to simplify their products. Through our experiences, we have learned…

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The Use of Process Arrows in Videos

We have all seen those arrows telling you to go that way or this way to the next step in whatever you are doing. They are all around us.  Here is the perfect example to help you visualize how important these arrows are. There you are, driving your car until you run into an one-way…

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