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How to Master Video Marketing on LinkedIn

After creating a marketing video, most brands distribute their videos through YouTube, Facebook, or other paid media options. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of the most important networks for B2B marketers. It boasts over 350 million registered users and sets itself apart with a more professional, business-savvy audience. However, most companies underutilize the…

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Video Title

An Inside Look At What Makes A Great Video Title

After you make an engaging video, your work is not over; next, you have your video’s title to consider. Though it may be a small piece of your video’s content, it is a powerful piece. The title heavily influences whether your video is clicked on or not.  Think about all those newsfeeds, friends’ profile pages,…

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The right way to share videos on google+

The Right Way to Share Videos on Google+

As a video sharing platform, Google+ has many advantages over its competitors. For one thing, Google makes sharing videos on Google+ just about as easy as it could be with YouTube linking directly to your Google+ profile. Every time you post a video on YouTube, it will show up in the “YouTube” tab of your…

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How to Optimize Your Video Content in Google Searches

There are always questions and concerns surrounding how to get web videos noticed. You already know that having video on your website is terrific for SEO, but what qualities are necessary to actually make a successful video? The whole reason you’re making this video is that people watch it, so how can you come up…

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Four Ways to Increase SEO for your Video

In today’s flourishing online video world, proper SEO is crucial in order to enable viewers to find your content. How do you ensure successful SEO and avoid having your video fall into the depths of the unseen? Here are four more things (be sure to check out our older tips) to consider when developing your…

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Video Blogging: How to Increase SEO

We always go on and on and on about how great video is…mainly because we’re a video production company, but also because we really do believe (and know) video is the future. As people rely more and more on video, and less and less on text, video blogging has zoomed to the spotlight. So how…

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