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How does video look on mobile devices

How Does Your Online Video Look on Mobile Devices?

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you launch your online video, and one of those things concerns tablets, smart phones, and all mobile devices. Did you know…. According to Ooyala, tablet/smart phone video viewing has jumped a whopping 90% in six months. That’s a lot! What are people…

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video email marketing for mobile

Optimizing Video Email Marketing for Mobile Users

Nowadays, 55% of all email “opens” happen on a mobile device according to research by  Yesmail, and mobile-only viewers grew by 64% during the second half of last year. This means optimizing video email marketing for mobile devices is absolutely critical as these stats are only going to continue to grow. Reading an email that isn’t…

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How has Mobility affected Video Production Agencies?

The surge of mobile viewership has increased by a whopping 360% since last year. As this trend is steadily increasing, especially with the rise of tablets and mobile devices, how will video production agencies (like us) shift with this demand? As customer demands for mobile capabilities increase, businesses must, of course, cater to customer needs by creating…

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iDelete Explainer Video

Spotlight: iDelete Explanatory Video

Have you ever sent a text message you don’t want the world to see? Oh, I’m sure not (wink wink). But, well, sometimes this happens to other people, am I right? If your SMS is sensitive in any way, sometimes you want confirmation that the recipient deleted it, but usually you only have his or…

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