23rd October 2012

Spotlight: iDelete Explanatory Video

iDelete Explainer Video

Have you ever sent a text message you don’t want the world to see? Oh, I’m sure not (wink wink). But, well, sometimes this happens to other people, am I right?

If your SMS is sensitive in any way, sometimes you want confirmation that the recipient deleted it, but usually you only have his or her word. Enter: iDelete, an application that allows you to set a timer on your texts so they delete automatically. We made an explanatory video for them, check out how it works:

Unfortunately we’ve all had some sort of experience where someone stumbles upon our private messages or we’ve stumbled upon someone else’s, so this application just saves us all that uncomfortable moment.

We used our cartoon animation style of video, as it is fun and light-hearted and can really appeal to our target demographic. We use “CIA agents” in our cartoon, because yeah our consumers feel spy-like when they send a text message that “self-destructs” seconds after. Cartoons are really great to use for B2C products, as we, as consumers, trust cartoons. And you need to trust this product if you are going to use it, as it contains your sensitive information.

Appealing to the correct target is very important when it comes to explanatory videos. Whether you buy Adobe and make your own flash animation or have a talented production company to make your video for you – always remember the target consumer. – This blog will delete in 10 minutes…or when the next blog comes in!

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