22nd October 2012

Twitter Takes on Video: Can the Social Media Giant come out on Top of the Video Trend?

The ever-changing Twitter once again makes the news, and this time it has to do with video! This micro-blogging service has reportedly acquired Vine video service, a tiny video-sharing startup. This 3-man New York-based startup describes itself as, “the best way to capture and share video on your iPhone.”


By combining pithy tweets and short videos, Twitter will have the virtue of both online video and social media for business marketing and communications.

Up until now, Twitter has supported third party video developers, including hosts like
YFrog, Mobypicture, and Vodpod. Now as they bring video into their in-house features, these third party developers are out of the game. Vine specializes in taking a few quick video clips and automatically generating a longer video stitched together when the user uploads them. These clips amount to only a few seconds each, which fits in well with the hard character limit of the Twitter messages.

This acquisition is a big step for Twitter and helps them deliver a more seamless experience across various devices, but many people are still skeptical about Vine’s capability to handle the demands of Twitter and its users.

As a videographer and Twitter user, what do you need to know? Actually studies show that Twitter users are more likely to watch longer videos. Be sure your video matches Vine’s capabilities, because, as we know, video is the next big trend, so don’t fall behind. As far as Twitter’s decision being a good or bad thing? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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