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Video Title

An Inside Look At What Makes A Great Video Title

After you make an engaging video, your work is not over; next, you have your video’s title to consider. Though it may be a small piece of your video’s content, it is a powerful piece. The title heavily influences whether your video is clicked on or not.  Think about all those newsfeeds, friends’ profile pages,…

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Using emotion to connect with video audiences

How to Relate to Your Customers with Web Video

We all want our web videos to generate results, increase website views, and, of course, encourage users to try the product. A good video can do this, but it takes more than just good production, it must also cultivate an emotional appeal. Some companies may be afraid to show a glimpse of casual personality in…

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The importance of script writing for an explainer video

The Importance of Script Writing

“The reason one writes isn’t the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say.” ~Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald So, what do you have to say? What is so important that you need a video and an audience to pay attention to you? What do you want your audience to…

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NovaPolymers Whiteboard Animation

Tell the Customer Story Instead of the Brand Story

Animated videos are great vehicles for communicating a message to your current or potential clients, but often the most powerful message is communicated by telling the customer story rather than your own story. Telling the customer story is a great way to show your audience that you understand and empathize with your client’s challenges, which helps…

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Can I have a Black and White Explainer Video?

Most likely your logo has colors, and your company’s palate is made up of more than just black and white, so, in that case, is it OK to have a black and white explainer video?  Yes! Color can have a strong effect on your business video, but so can the lack of color.  Taking away…

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To Make Engaging Content, You Must Make it Easy to Understand

We understand that it is difficult to create engaging videos, especially for companies that offer complicated products, such as the finance industry or cloud-based apps. What do you do if your company’s content isn’t engaging? In order to create a video that is more engaging, you must simplify what the content is about – the…

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How to Make a Video for an Analytics Platform

Business videos are necessary for all types of products and companies.  Some of these videos are for simple B2C products, which means the target is the general public.  Where some companies get nervous is creating a video for a B2B product – the fear being the product is too complicated to boil down to a…

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How to State the Problem in an Explainer Video

When creating a business video for a product or service, a very successful equation when writing the script is: 1. State the Problem 2. Tell the Solution 3. Tell why your Product/Company is Better 4. Call to Action Many explanatory videos follow this model in order to get across the message in an efficient and…

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How to Always Create a Clear Message in Video

To our surprise, one of the most difficult aspects in producing a video is establishing a clear and informative message. A successful and catchy message in a video can serve as a beneficial strategy to help increase website traffic to your website, promote of your company’s brand, and even build a better relationship with your…

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How to Make your Company Video Entertaining

When we produce explainer videos, we are faced with a number of challenges and decisions in order to create an effective and engaging video. One of the challenges that we face is creating videos on subject matter that can be a bit sensitive for some, such as home or bank loans. That’s where our latest…

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