29th December 2013

To Make Engaging Content, You Must Make it Easy to Understand

We understand that it is difficult to create engaging videos, especially for companies that offer complicated products, such as the finance industry or cloud-based apps.

What do you do if your company’s content isn’t engaging?

In order to create a video that is more engaging, you must simplify what the content is about – the overall subject matter. We had recently worked with Jangl, a leads generation platform that was interested in a video about their online leads platform. When we started to work on this project, we knew that we needed to highlight their leads platform in another way. So what did we do?  We changed the way that viewers perceive the subject matter (leads) by using a more digestible visual component – fishing.

Now, the leads are fish. From there, we can simply show how the character in the video is having trouble finding the right “fish.”


Watch the full video:


As the video continues to move forward, we make sure stay true to our fishing theme as we featured the customized and easy-to-use fishing (leads) platform to the mix.

Sometimes if the visual component stretches too far from the truth, you are able to bring your customers back to the actual products by using real-time visuals. Within the same video we were able to feature the leads platform in an engaging way.

Leads Platform

It is important to remember, that while you can be creative and have fun with your video, you must maintain a simple focus, so that it is easy to follow.  Did you think you would of found a video about leads interesting?

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