2nd January 2014

How to Produce High Quality Web Videos

Typically people want to get into DIY projects to save money or even learn something new. We applaud the effort but want to reinforce that when it comes to DIY video production, there’s a level of risk you take. Since you are neither an expert nor do you handle videos on a daily basis, it is foreseeable that you may miss a step. Before you make your company’s demo video, read about the potential risks when producing your own videos

The quality of your video is one of the most critical components of your video. Even if you think people won’t notice those tiny flawed details, they surely will.  If you decide to produce your own real-life or animated video, you must ensure that you don’t jeopardize the quality of your video. To do this, you must maintain these four critical factors in order to produce a quality video.

Quality Equipment

Using decent equipment can take you a long way. We understand that you may not have professional camera, but use a camera that has high image quality with at least 1080px. Along with your camera, you will need to utilize a tripod to stabilize the camera and eliminate movement as it is a typical sign of an amateur video producer.

Sharp Video Techniques

Using interesting angles and edits will make a video appear more professional. If you are unsure how exactly to create interesting angles, then practice various video techniques before you film your video. Also, don’t hesitate to read the video camera’s manual, as it will offer helpful tips in using your device. Make sure that you understand the best lighting for your space. Typically natural lighting will offer the best picture, but when you’re indoors with little natural light, then create angles lighting around your subject, not direct.  This make sure your subject does not make distracting shadows when they move or talk.

Angles for Video Shoots


Crisp audio will make a substantial difference in your video. It may even affect whether or not viewers will continue watching your video. Typically, a quality video camera will be equipped with a decent microphone. If it doesn’t then we recommend investing in an external microphone as it will catch the best quality sound.  Also, don’t forget to check for echos and distracting outside noise that may affect your video. If this is a problem, then create a sound barrier to reduce the level of distractions and echoing in the video.


One of your most critical video production components is the editing software.  Keep in mind that higher quality software will allow you more control over how you video looks when you are done. Typically softwares can vary from $100s to $1000s. So when it comes times to editing your web videos, make sure to take your time in order to create the professional quality video that you desire.

tips for video shoot

As you can see, equipment is a vital asset to video production. Another component is experience, so if you are new at producing videos, remember that the more you practice, the better your videos will become.


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