6th January 2014

Can I have a Black and White Explainer Video?

Most likely your logo has colors, and your company’s palate is made up of more than just black and white, so, in that case, is it OK to have a black and white explainer video?  Yes!

Color can have a strong effect on your business video, but so can the lack of color.  Taking away color can have big impacts on what attracts the attention of the video viewer.  But, a black and white video can go awry if not executed correctly.  If you’re thinking about using just black and white in your video, make sure you or your video production company follows our tips.

1. Don’t Change your Logo.  It may seem like a good idea to make your logo black and white, but you’ll actually lose branding if you do so.  Of course you want your logo in your video, and while you’re loving the black and white theme, don’t do anything to confuse your customers.  Keep your logo in its color version – it’ll attract more attention in the end.


2. But You Can Change your Mascot or Symbol.  You are really fixed on just black and white?  Then you can change your company’s mascot or symbol to reflect that – just don’t make any changes to the company logo (your design team probably wouldn’t like that too much anyway).  Take a look how we changed Scholars Club’s owl mascot to black and white to have him fly on screen.

black and white video

3. Use Whiteboard Animation.  This one might be a tad obvious but whiteboard is already…well, white.  Obviously a presenter video wouldn’t work and motion graphics might look a little strange in black and white.  With whiteboard animation, your video will look smooth and sharp.

If you want to see what an excellent black and white explainer video looks like, then watch our video for Scholars Club here:


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