13th January 2014

How to Showcase your Product or Service in Video

For some online companies, showing off online services isn’t as easy or as visually pleasing as it may be for mobile apps or new products. As you have seen in whiteboard animation and other web video styles, companies with difficult products/services are now finding clever ways to visually demonstrate how their product/service works.

Today, we are going to highlight another strategy of how to feature your online service by simply animating the platform.

Most database services are intimidating until the user becomes comfortable with the system. Even the most user-friendly platforms, such as MailChimp scares newcomers.



Which is why animating your platform into a simple and easy to understand way is a great solution for product/service videos. Look at the how we simplified the web benefits database for Web Benefits Design with animation.

Web Benefits Design

Now, see how it all comes together in the full web video that we produced for them.


By animating the actual platform, we were able to highlight how the platform functions and integrates with users’ existing platforms in a simple and comprehensible way. Companies must always remember that the first 10 seconds are most critical for grasping the attention of video viewers, which is why the video must remain easy to follow and enjoyable.

Web Benefits Design

So if you are interested in a video that shows rather than tells users how to use your platform, then give us a call and for more information on creating the perfect video for your online platform.

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