25th March 2015

How to Relate to Your Customers with Web Video

Using emotion to connect with video audiences

We all want our web videos to generate results, increase website views, and, of course, encourage users to try the product. A good video can do this, but it takes more than just good production, it must also cultivate an emotional appeal.

Some companies may be afraid to show a glimpse of casual personality in their web videos, especially if they offer a more serious line of products. Being professional is essential, but it can be perceived as dry if not made relatable to people who are watching the video.

What all businesses must remember is that an emotional response doesn’t have to be obvious or bold, but it must offer enough characteristics to appeal to the viewers.

So how do you subtly make web video relatable to customers?

Facial Expressions

Simplifying a company’s description into a one minute script is already half the battle. So by creating a fun or recognizable character to represent the product is often an easy solution to show off a product or service. We were recently faced with the challenge of producing a web video with emotion for a more serious subject with Context4 Healthcare – a claims management CRM. This product just wouldn’t make sense with a great deal of emotion or humor, so we decided to create a character to emotionally draw viewers to their product .

Meet the claims office secretary for Context4 Healthcare. Notice her range of emotions?

Using emotion to connect with video audiences

Watch the full Context4 Health’s web video and find all the ways we provoked emotion.

Larger Images

Imagine if we were to just show you the CRM platform or even verbally list all the benefits of the platform? Let’s face it – it wouldn’t interest you! Another component to generating emotion is with an everlasting feeling. There are all sorts of ways to do this, but with this video, we decided to play with size.  As our character becomes happier throughout the video, the camera’s focus is closer, creating a larger emotion – a great big smile! This technique helps to create a memorable effect that may even be the last visual thing that you remember from the video. If so, then we are sure that it provoked a positive response.


Color is another great way to create impact without being overly obvious. Did you notice the video had a minimal color palette? We strategically kept it that way to keep the video simple and pleasing to the eye. For this video, we added bright, primary colors to draw viewers’ attention, and we used pastel colors that softy displayed features of the product.

Using color to connect with video viewers

If you hadn’t noticed the primary colors are meant to be striking for the eye or even seem out of place, which is intended to feel negative. Once Context4 Healthcare’s product comes into the picture  we implement soothing colors are refreshing and visually uplifting.

As you can see, there are so many directions you can take with a video, but it is essential to remember that you must connect your product with an emotional appeal. So how will you do it in your next video?

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Andrea lends more than 10 years of professional experiences working as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator and has contributed to two award-winning videos from the PROMAX BDA Latin America for her work on the video series for Discover Kids LA. As a natural creative, Andrea loves the arts; from going to the theater and cooking to simply reading a good book.

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