17th March 2015

Cloud-Based Email Service: Meet SendGrid

Cloud Based Email Deliverability

One of the most important elements of any communications strategy is email, whether it’s a for lead generation, customer outreach or as part of a campaign. But, even the best designs and marketing campaigns in the world won’t work if they aren’t reaching their intended audiences.

Email deliverability is an extremely important aspect, and may even be the fundamental building blocks of your campaign! So, how do you ensure that your emails don’t end up in the SPAM folder? Our client, Sendgrid, developed a cloud-based SMTP email infrastructure that does exactly that; seemlessly delivering your emails directly to your customers’ inboxes without the hassle or worrying that they’re being buried in SPAM. On top of that, SendGrid provides comprehensive deliverability reports and statistics!

While SendGrid’s product was no doubt fantastic, they needed a way to market their services to potential clients who found the jargon and “tech talk” overwhelming which left them confused and uninformed, which is where our role in this story comes into play. Using whiteboard animation, we put together this animated video to explain SendGrid’s product.

Take a Look!

As you can see, we stuck with our solid website videos process of stating the problem and then the solution. To begin with, we all have had an experience where important messages end up in SPAM. As frustrating as that is for a consumer, it’s even more annoying for a business trying to reach their customers. By explaining this problem in terms that everyone can understand and sympathize with, we can better target SendGrid’s demographics. After naming the problem, we move on to possible solutions, which are mostly complicated.

This opens the path for the real solution: SendGrid. Everyone wants simplicity, especially busy business owners and app creators. Therefore, SendGrid created a product that simplifies everyone’s work life.

Want to learn more about our work and results with SendGrid? Download our Case Study:


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