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Video Animation Style - character example

Which Video Animation Style Should Your Brand Invest In?

As simple as animated videos are, you still have the difficult decision of deciding which animated style will work best for your video’s message. Animated videos offer a range of styles that are able to help define the core components of your overall message; but, what is the difference between the video animation styles and which…

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Using emotion to connect with video audiences

How to Relate to Your Customers with Web Video

We all want our web videos to generate results, increase website views, and, of course, encourage users to try the product. A good video can do this, but it takes more than just good production, it must also cultivate an emotional appeal. Some companies may be afraid to show a glimpse of casual personality in…

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Why Use Animation for Your Next Online Video?

Whether you call them explainer, corporate, or online videos, when you incorporate an animated video into your digital marketing strategy you are offering a highly creative and flexible platform for site visitors to quickly engage with and set yourself apart from the competition. In the last few years, online videos have gone from being a…

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Good Character Animation

Video Animation: Can Your Team Deliver Results?

If you are in the market to get started with video animation, consider if your team is equipped with the right tools to return the highest results. Video animation serves multiple purposes, three of which include to 1) Entertain 2) Educate and 3) Engage. If the purpose of your video is to simply entertain, then turn to…

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