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3 Key Email Marketing Tactics That Include Video

In a recent study by GetResponse of nearly one billion emails, those containing video had a whopping 96% higher click-through rate than those without video. Video is powerful and memorable, so why aren’t more marketers including it in their email marketing campaigns? It’s no secret video and email can be difficult to combine, which is…

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Marketing Video Tips

6 Proven Marketing Video Tips for Improving Conversions

Consumers are increasingly expecting authentic and visually-engaging brand advertisements if they are to make a purchase. Thankfully, online video is a powerful tool that can help brands fulfill these expectations and convert engaged audiences into buyers. Although there are no exact rules on how your brand should use video to improve conversions, there are best…

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Why Use Animation for Your Next Online Video?

Whether you call them explainer, corporate, or online videos, when you incorporate an animated video into your digital marketing strategy you are offering a highly creative and flexible platform for site visitors to quickly engage with and set yourself apart from the competition. In the last few years, online videos have gone from being a…

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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Making an Impact: Animated Videos for a Social Cause

Producing animated videos for a social cause is a bit different than creating a video for a product or service. First and foremost, a video for a social cause is often designed to trigger an emotional response that is typically addressed as an element in Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. For example, the recent outbreak of Ebola…

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