2nd December 2013

How to State the Problem in an Explainer Video

When creating a business video for a product or service, a very successful equation when writing the script is:

1. State the Problem

2. Tell the Solution

3. Tell why your Product/Company is Better

4. Call to Action

Many explanatory videos follow this model in order to get across the message in an efficient and effective way.  But the problem comes in when videos state the problem, but the viewer does not relate.  If your viewer does not relate in the first step, then you’ve probably lost them for the video.  Given that, we’ve come up with three tips that can help ensure your viewer is hooked in the first part of your video.

Three Tips on Stating the Problem in an Explainer Video

1. Make the Problem Relatable: For this you do not have to make the problem relatable to everyone, just your target market.  Make sure the facts are clear, that the problem is stated outright in an environmentally-appropriate situation.  If your target is teachers, don’t have your main character in a hospital – a school will do just fine.

2. Facts and Stats Always Help.  When we made for Schneider Electric, we included great facts in the problem part of the video to really drive home our point.

The target market will really react to these stats, as they are the ones that are potentially losing money.

3. Hone in on the Exact Problem. It’s important not to state an overarching problem that hurts everyone.  Explain the very specific problem that you are addressing.  Take a look at the Schneider Electric video to see what we mean here:

We go into detail on the exact problem, not just ‘power goes out’.  This helps to make viewers relate much more to the video.
Following these three steps will certainly help your explainer video reach your target audience.  If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at info@revolution-productions.com.

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