26th October 2012

How to Make Video Customer Testimonials

So your business has a product or service on the market, and you have your video. You’re getting some hits, but you want to build out your website more. What next? Third party recommendations or customer testimonials. You could write out lengthy text or, even better, make video customer testimonials! The power behind these videos comes from the lack of an incentive to sell by the customer. They are not there to encourage a sale, but instead are voluntarily marketing a product that they truly have enjoyed. Cut the sales pitch and the buying pressure, and there you have a great testimonial.

Customer Testimonials

How do you do it? The first step to making a video customer testimonial is to find people who are willing to take part in sharing their opinions. You can turn to friends, family, loyal customers, or even complete strangers for interviews. The most important part to the viewers will be that the interviewees have no incentive to sell something to them and are just offering their honest opinions. If you are having trouble finding people willing to help out, you can also add in an incentive, like a product discount, to get people’s assistance. We all like a freebie!

Next up is the shooting process. These videos should not be more than 60 seconds each (please don’t go on and on and on) and should aim to find the most quality reactions from your customers. It is also important to try and interview people with your ideal customer profile. This will reflect the type of people you want to be buying your product or service. The interviewer should follow a predetermined list of questions that introduce the customer, describe their experience, and offer a recommendation to other customers. The main focus should be on how your company was brought into the customer’s life and how it has helped them in the past. These videos should be examples of why you are a trusted business and why consumers should pick your company over others.

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