10th July 2013

Four Ways to Increase SEO for your Video

In today’s flourishing online video world, proper SEO is crucial in order to enable viewers to find your content. How do you ensure successful SEO and avoid having your video fall into the depths of the unseen? Here are four more things (be sure to check out our older tips) to consider when developing your SEO online web video production strategy.

 1) Name Your Video with Keywords

The use of keywords in any blog post or website has been a staple of search engine optimization for years, and it is essential for video posts as well. Google makes this process easy for video-makers and viral video production companies through both its Keyword Tool, part of Google AdWords, and Google Trends. The Keyword Tool sifts through and identifies the most used keywords related to your video while Google Trends analyzes YouTube data to find out which keywords are most popular and how they’re trending over time.

Google Penguin SEO

2) Get Others to Link to It

Build your link! This is fairly basic. The more sites linking to your video, the more likely your video will catch the attention of a search engine. This can be done easier than you may think, as long as you have an audience for your video. Think of this audience when you develop your SEO strategy and reach out to bloggers with similar subject matter by asking them to link or embed your video on their site. With the right audience distribution, this audience will start doing the link building for you.

3) YouTube, YouTube, YouTube

Obviously, when you think of online video and online video production companies, you think of YouTube. Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but surprisingly many brands still don’t take advantage of this site, which is currently the second-largest search engine.

4) Make a Video Anyone Would Watch

This can get tricky for many brands. You want to make a video that attracts the interest of anyone, even if they’re not particularly interested in the subject matter. Your goal is not to make a video that everyone will watch, because realistically,  that’s not going to happen, but you do want to make a video that anyone can watch. Have fun with it, and make it interesting to the masses!

As Google continues to change its algorithm, we’ll keep you updated on how to improve your SEO when it comes to video.

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