7th April 2014

Online Video Solutions for Educators

Triumph Learning Whiteboard Animation

With rise of technological solutions for educators, we have seen a wave of companies find success selling online video solutions aimed and addressing a wide range of challenges faced by today’s teacher.

These companies are tapping into video as a wonderful medium for communicating their value proposition.  Let’s take a look at two different, but effective ways of using online video to connect with the teachers who could potentially benefit from their offering.  The common thread is that they must empathize with the teacher audience they are trying to reach.

First, take a look at this great video from Optimus Education that begins by empathizing with the general challenges that teachers face to establish where the demand for their solution comes from:

The solution is applicable to all different teachers and as such, they use universal truths about the challenges faced by all teachers to show they understand their clientele.  This is the most crucial thing – that the company conveys in a convincing manner that they truly empathize with all the different things teachers must juggle in order to establish credibility with their audience. The other way the education industry utilizes video is to key in on a specific challenge.  In the following video from Triumph Learning, that challenge is “common core”:


This video zeroes in on a specific challenge that the offering helps resolve, and demonstrates an understanding of that challenge along the way.  Notice the use of what appears to be lined, classroom paper as the backdrop as well.

Whether offering a generalized solution or one that is targeted at very specific challenge, it is vital to connect with the teacher audience by demonstrating that you understand their world and the obstacles that they face in their context.

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