8th January 2018

14 Experts Weigh-in On Facebook Video

Facebook video

Video has become an integral part of the Facebook experience. According to ReelSEO, Facebook users are now watching a total of 100 million hours of Facebook video daily. With these numbers, it’s no surprise that Facebook’s native video has become a principal tool for marketers in the B2B and B2C marketing game.

With all the video options the platform has to offer (i.e. autoplay, A/B targeting, call-to-action buttons, analytics, captions, etc.) it’s easy for marketers to miss the mark and not fully utilize the tool to its full potential. That’s why these 14 social media and marketing experts are breaking down what it means to market well using Facebook video.




The Experts:

Neal Schaffer (Be Strategic)
You really need to be strategic in the content and production of the video so that it is aligned with your branding and objectives but also so that it will beat out other strategic posts for attention of the consumer. The first few seconds of the intro needs to be extremely strategic so as to get interaction from the Facebook user, not simply a random view.


Gillon Hunter (Test Ad Campaigns)
Use Facebook’s Power Editor to promote your videos. Create campaigns, ad groups and ads and separate them into highly targeted segments using Facebook’s powerful demographic and behavioural information. Then A/B test your target audiences, find out which ones perform best in terms of ROI, then turn off the worst performers and scale up the ad groups which convert.


Edmund Lee  (Foster Connections)
People will connect with those that they know, like, and trust.  If there isn’t a connection, it doesn’t matter how great your product / service is.  Whether online or in person, it  always goes back to the basics.  Spend time building and fostering relationships with others.  When you do that, amazing results will follow.


Neil Patel (Hit An Emotional Nerve)
Make sure your video hits an emotional nerve. Whether you are trying to make your video funny, or sad, when you hit an emotional nerve we found that people are much more likely to share, comment and like your video. This is what helps a video become more viral.


Chris Kubbernus (Pay For Ads)
Pay. Honestly. If you produce something and want to get it out there than Facebook video ads are the way to go. Don’t rely on your content just being magically found. Publish and Pay versus Publish and Pray.


Shane Barker  (Choose A Great Thumbnail)
#1 on my list is a custom thumbnail. You want to grab people’s attention instantly, and the way to do that is by having a stunning, compelling and fascinating thumbnail that people can’t help but click on.


Ted Rubin (Pull Marketing Only)
Success depends on delivering stories about your products or services and how people use them rather than about pumping out feature-rich fact sheets or ads. Reach out to your brand advocates and collaborate with them. Old marketing was dictation, new marketing is communication.


Sara McGuire (Inspire, Then Offer Info)
Your goal should be, first, to inspire viewers with humor, joy, hope, awareness, or any strong emotion; and second, to offer practical value. Take BuzzFeed’s trending Tasty videos: they offer upbeat, quick step-by-step recipes that viewers can easily recreate themselves. These are the kinds of videos that people are happy to share with their networks.


Marc Scott  (High Organic Reach)
You’ll get much higher organic reach on Facebook videos over posting  videos from YouTube on your page. I’ve even been experimenting with embedding Facebook videos on my blog, vs YouTube videos to get even more organic reach.


David Co (Cover The Basics)
I have a few simple tips:

  1. Make sure the video quality is high.
  2. The text description and the thumbnail should be interesting and should arouse curiosity
  3. Captions and subtitles increase engagement and time spent watching the video.


Kevan Lee (The First Three Seconds)
If you can get anything interesting, entertaining, eye-catching, or thought-provoking into that first three seconds – ideally with a human face or catchy graphic – then you’ll be in a great place for keeping visitors around even longer. Autoplay optimization like this is super key!


Andrew McCauley (A Video For Your Call-To-Action)
Make a featured video that people can watch via the call-to-action button on your Pages Banner. These call-to-actions have many uses and this one is great if you do not want to send a viewer somewhere else, but rather, showcase a recent video that you created.


Kimbe MacMaster (Target Your Audience)
Facebook’s algorithm is designed to make content that people love land all over everyone’s newsfeed and the content they don’t doesn’t leave your page. So take the metrics of your Facebook videos very seriously and remember: Facebook is a place for shareable, fun videos, not in-depth product feature videos.


Monina Wagner (Add Subtitles)
If your video has subtitles, viewers can get an idea of what the video is about – and maybe more will be likely to stop and view it. If they are at work and can’t unmute the video to listen to it, if there are subtitles on the entire video, they can still watch the video with the captions – and it doesn’t take away from the experience.


Hopefully these expert tips will help you master the Facebook video arena and attain a significant ROI! What are some of your Facebook video marketing tips? Let us know in the comments!


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