11th January 2018

5 Creative B2B Marketing Video Tactics You Can Use To Drive Sales


According to a recent Regalia survey of over 350 senior B2B marketing executives and business leaders, corporate videos and product demos are the most popular type of video used by B2B marketers. Video marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience. However, many B2B marketers often feel overwhelmed by the time-consuming task of creating valuable video content. Fortunately, there are specific types of videos that perform better than others when it comes to B2B organizations and with a little creativity, you can produce videos that drive better, more qualified leads for your business.



Here’s a look at the top five video types used by B2B marketers and how you can use these video tactics to drive an increase in sales for your business.


  1. Corporate Videos

A corporate video is a great way to show off your company culture and beliefs to your clients. You can highlight your company’s strengths in an appealing way, all while keeping your value proposition short and sweet.

Another way to use corporate videos is to update clients on your company’s progress. This could be progress on a project or your company as a whole. For example, you could create an end of the year video to highlight your company’s successes as well as outline what’s next in the year, or what new products or services you are adding to your lineup.


Where to place your corporate videos:

  • Email campaigns
  • Targeted social media campaigns
  • Company website


  1. Product Demo Videos

A product demo video introduces a new product or service and/or demonstrates how to use it. This type of video is one of the best ways to show off your competitive advantage to your clients in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Where to place your product demo videos:

  • Email campaigns
  • Event demos
  • Social media pages
  • Product pages
  • Landing pages
  • Video ads
  1. Webinars

Thanks to new tools like Livestream on Facebook, it is now easier than ever to host a live video event, or webinar and invite your target audience to tune in. Webinars or live video streams can be used to boost your brand’s awareness, especially on social media channels. This type of video can help your company generate a boost in social engagement through interactions or shares and subsequently, a boost in sales. Think about how you can provide your industry expertise to educate a specific audience through a live stream event.

Where to place your webinars:

  • Social media pages
  • Video search engines
  • Company Blog
  • Industry-related publications


  1. How-to Videos / Tutorials

Google searches for “how-to” videos are growing at an incredible 70% year over year. Not only are more viewers searching for tutorials, but they are also purchasing the featured product or service after watching the how-to video. This trend is also carrying over to the world of B2B marketing. How-to videos resonate with your clients because they provide an instant solution to a problem – and they are not only for products. You can also create a how-to video to explain your company’s strategy, technologies, or a step-by-step process.


Where to place your how-to videos:

  • Social media pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Company Blog
  • Industry-related publications
  • Product pages


  1. Interview Videos

If you’re looking to boost trust and credibility with your company, then consider creating an interview, or customer testimonial, video. These types of videos go behind-the-scenes to showcase positive, genuine experiences with your brand as told by real customers. Gathering testimonials in video format is one of the best B2B marketing tools out there. You can provide exposure for your current clients as well as prove value to your future customers.


Where to place your interview videos:

  • Email newsletters
  • Company Blog
  • Sales & marketing emails
  • Social media pages
  • Customer or Reviews page


Diving into B2B video marketing requires a strategic production plan that incorporates the right videos that will appeal to your target audience and open the doors to a wider range of prospects. If you’re ready to start creating custom branded video content as a part of your B2B sales strategy, we can help! Contact Revolution Productions to learn more about our B2B marketing video solutions.


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