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social video production

Social media videos are a powerful marketing tool. In fact, 82% of marketers state that social video marketing was positively impactful on their business.

Here are a few of the ways Revolution Productions’ social video production services can help your company capture your target’s attention and boost sales through social video.

Social Video Increases Engagement

The most engaging content is now video. All of the most popular social media platforms have added a native video component because video drives more engagement than any other type of content available on the Internet today.

Take Facebook, for example. By uploading native content to the platform brands are seeing up to 53% more shares from videos. Even better numbers have been seen with Instagram video, where videos reportedly create double the engagement of images. Instagram video is proven to deliver positive ad recall and boost brand awareness. We can help your brand develop short form video that fits perfectly with your Instagram video marketing strategy. We have an expert creative team that can craft customized, original animated videos for Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms.

Social Video Drives Viewers Closer to the Buyer Cycle

A recent IDG study reported that exposure to a product in the social web positively affects likelihood to purchase by 44%. Video is the best way for the viewer to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a product online.

Many times product demonstration videos on social media can drive viewers straight to the purchase page of your website. By adding the appropriate links to lead the viewer to your site below the video you’ve shared on social media, you’ve drastically increased your chances of a sale.

Not to mention, viewers who like or comment on your social media video will drive their friends to the video and it will pop up on their friends’ newsfeed, gaining more viewers. If those other social media contacts have a similar taste in products, you have more new customers.

Social Video Impacts Brand Perception

Social video can offer your audience a “behind-the-scenes” look at how your brand operates.
For example on Instagram, Jeni’s Ice Cream’s most popular video to date is a video showing how they make their waffle cone.

These days audiences are interested in posts that gives them unique access to content that they haven’t seen before. By offering that content on social media, you are building a level of intimacy and trust with your audience.

social video marketing

Hyper Targeting

Directing your video efforts towards a specific demographic helps raise your chances of receiving engagement. Creating niche video content for a niche group will always win over creating general content that is aimed at no one in particular. You need to know who you want to talk to with your marketing strategy, and social video helps you narrow that down.

You can choose between age demographics and location for your video post on most social channels. For video ads, the targeting can become more specific by focusing on certain groups based on categories they’ve liked on their personal pages, or you can choose to target the friends of your fans.

74% of all web traffic comes from video. It’s no question that social video is beneficial to your marketing strategy. Contact us today to discuss how your brand can take a social video marketing approach for the best ROI possible.

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