15th February 2018

10 Video Experts Share Their #1 Tip for Instagram Video

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Instagram’s focus has been shifting towards video with users interacting 40 percent more with video content in the last six months. It makes sense since Instagram video is an excellent marketing tool for brands to offer unique access to content, giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at what their company is all about and thus building their brand story. Not to mention, the platform’s roll out of new tools like the view count feature makes it easier for brands to measure the value of their Instagram videos.

So for those exploring an alternative to YouTube or Facebook video, Instagram with its 400 million active users, more than proves to be a lucrative option.

We interviewed 10 marketing experts and Instagram video aficionados for their number one tip on how to master this video marketing tool – here’s their advice.



Meet the Influencers

Tell A Story

Betty Liu, Wedding and Food Photographer, bettysliu.com

My #1 tip is to tell a story. Whether it’s pouring coffee, wrapping spring rolls, or just setting a table.


Resonate with Your Audience

Nadya Khoja, Director of Marketing, Venngage

It’s important that your video tells a story and comes from a personal place. Whether it’s funny, serious or just a video of a dog rolling around in the snow, your audience should be able to resonate with it. Use the

caption to enhance the video further so the audience can connect to it.


Provide Good Quality

Tiffany Best, Baker

Strive for good video quality. Specifically, provide good lighting and use a tripod. When I make my videos, I’m crouched under a camera, working around a tripod, unable to look directly over what I’m doing, all so I can offer a bird’s-eye camera angle in my video. It’s awkward, but the final product looks great.


Utilize Hashtags

Fede Cook, Designer and Animator, fedecook.com

Keep it fun, colorful and loop-able. I’d also advise spending sometime on writing your hashtags; it may be boring, but it’s super useful.


Create Something Unique

Robert Ek,  Designer

Besides fulfilling all the technical requirements concerning resolution and so on, always make

sure to surprise viewers in some way. Create something unique. Also, make sure that the first seconds are eye-catching and captivating.


Have A Good Lighting Setup

Peter BrockhammerIllustrator

The most important thing is to have a good lighting setup, and  that doesn’t require using expensive equipment. A basic desk lamp is enough to create a nice, warm mood. The light looks most natural placed in the upper corners of the frame, but be mindful of casting any shadows that will obstruct the



Engage With Followers

Cameron Uganec, Sr Director, Growth Marketing & Education at Hootsuite

Making sure your videos are not dependent on sound is important, as well as remembering to engage with your followers (through comments and likes). Instagram is a network where brands can let their personalities shine. They have the chance to connect with their followers on a personal level through each post, like and comment.


Cater To Your Target Audience

Gareth O’Sullivan, Social Media Influencer & Digital Marketer, garethosullivan.com

Find and create content that is suitable and would engage with your target audience. You can create amazing short videos by the use of many mobile apps such as Legend and PicPlayPost. Both of which are perfect for creating eye-catching content.


Turn Ads Into Art

Clau Murra, Animator/ Cartoonist

Most people hate ads. Instagram video offers a challenging opportunity to change that perception. Make a subtle connection to your brand. Create a fun short story. Take advantage of the video loops. Experiment, combine techniques. Leave people wondering how was it made and appreciating the creativity behind it.


Experiment With Camera Apps

Briana DodsonSocial Media Manager at ProductionHUB, brianadodson.com

Shoot with your phone, instead of the Instagram App. You can always record video through the actual Instagram app, but you don’t have to! Shoot your video on your favorite camera app, then it can be uploaded to Instagram and edited in Instagram. Just remember the 15 second time limit!


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