25th February 2014

Multiple Videos for One Company

Your business probably has multiple target audiences, and the best way to target each individual audience is to create a series of multiple videos.

This can be a challenge, as it’s not easy to effectively communicate to multiple audiences with just one style of communication. How do companies deal with this dilemma? Using multiple videos.

If your company’s target audience caters to multiple demographics, then this may be a feasible approach for your marketing efforts. If it seems that there is just too much information to shove into one video then mostly likely a video series is an effective alternative. By utilizing multiple videos, you are able to tailor your communication strategy and engage select audiences using the details that are cater to their select interests.

When creating a video series, it’s important to maintain a cohesive identity so that it’s not confusing. To show you an example of a video series, here are a couple of videos that we recently produced for FCC Services. Our objective was to target two prominent audiences; agricultural workers and business executives.

Watch the video series that we produced for FCC services.

What did you notice from the video series?

Both of the videos offered information that was specific to the industries they were targeting, but also included similarities, such as the style of graphics used, the music, and even some of the information overlapped. The videos were different enough to cater to their audience’s interests, but also maintained enough similarities so that you knew they represented the same company.

Did you notice the way we used the company’s logo throughout the first video?

Incorporating a continuous logo presence: FCC Services

How about the common theme used in both videos? (Hint: It involved managing risk.) I know what you’re thinking, if both videos were about managing risk for businesses, then why was it necessary to produce two videos?

Even though video has proven to engage viewers, it only works if the viewers watch the video long enough to actually learn about the information. Did you know that you decide to continue watching or leave a video in only the first 7 seconds? In those few seconds we must grab the interests of the viewers, which is why both videos started with visuals that were specific to their audience.

A video series is a great way to communicate your information directly to the audience it’s designed for.  By utilizing multiple videos in your communications strategy, your company is able to maintain its branding while establishing a stronger connection with its clients.

Interested in viewing more videos? Then stop by our video portfolio page to view our latest productions.




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