27th February 2014

How Your Business can use Short Form Video

Short form videos offer incredible benefits for a company’s website and are growing more popular in the small business and startup market – for good reason.

Studies show that short form video serves as an effective way to communicate with customers; for instance a study from Insivia suggests that 80% of users recall a video advertisement they’ve viewed in the past 30 days. Videos not only engage viewers by 40% more than text but also have become more affordable with advanced technology options. If your business doesn’t have video in its communication efforts already, then here are four reasons why your business may want to reconsider adding videos to your 2014 marketing strategy.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The technology in today’s market makes it easy for businesses to utilize cost-efficient tools without sacrificing quality when it comes to video. Adding quality video to your website not only serves as a useful promotional tool but also can improve your website’s ranking on Google. Google classifies website’s ‘popularity’ based on fresh, relevant content, social media activity, and viewer engagement. The more popular your site is, the higher your pagerank on Google. Using videos is a great way to drive traffic and engage new viewers which is mutually beneficial for your brand and SEO on Google.

2. Connect with your Customers

In a world where nobody has time, a well produced video can convey your company’s objectives in just minutes. Videos are a great strategy to educate your viewers about the facts and services that your company offers. Using video serves as a window for viewers to connect with your company’s personality.  Using videos to communicate with customers can be used in a number of ways, such as testimonials, troubleshooting tutorials, and even how-to videos. Here’s a great example of using video to connect with customers with the video we produced for Forkling.


3. Showoff, but not too Much

Short form videos can promote your product or service by showing viewers how exactly it works. This is a great way to help viewers visualize how to use use your product or service. Videos are able to appeal to their emotions and even offer a genuine experience for the viewer. Here’s a great example of showing the experience in the video we produced for Guitarbots.


4. Spread the Word

A great video not only informs your viewers, but it also encourages them to spread the word by sharing it on social media platforms, such as YouTube. As you can see, video is a great tool to kickstart your marketing efforts. If you’re interested in some examples of what online video can look like for your company, feel free to check out our video portfolio!

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Marissa is an account executive for Revolution and is an industry expert when it comes to online video, advertising and animation. Hailing from Texas, Marissa is an avid San Antonio Spurs fan and loves to travel.

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