3rd March 2014

How to Appeal to your Target Audience with Promotional Videos

Remember in class when our teachers taught us how to react in an emergency situation? In order to properly get help, we must designate a specific person to call 911 or take action. Well, apply that same theory to your business’ call of action in a marketing video.

As businesses, we often explain our services to customers without designating who needs to be paying attention. Videos are great way to attract and even engage potential new customers, but if they are not specific enough, then your business may be missing the mark.

How do businesses solve this?

Even if your business has a variety of  target customers or businesses, it’s important to create content that is specific to each industry. There are numerous ways to separate content, such as creating a video series using multiple videos targeting different industries or using specific content in one video for multiple audiences.

We recently produced an informational video for Meridian Knowledge Systems, a learning management platform that targets a range of audiences. What did we do? We clearly specified the industries they’re targeting in the video.

Watch the video to see how we narrowed down the target.

We were able to stay focused on promoting their service all while tailoring the product’s capabilities to their three selected target audiences.

Our first target audience was the healthcare sector, where we used a receptionist, Lily, who was using the service at her desk.

Identifying a target audiences

Our second target audience was for retailers, which the animation then went on to provide an explanation for retailers.

Identifying target audiences

The final target audience was for government agencies.

Governmental Target Audience - Meridian Knowledge Solutions

For this video we used images to connect with the viewers, but both the script and even sound effects also can play a vital role in connecting with select audiences. By designating audiences in your video, it enables your business to offer details that are tailored to each group.

Your company’s call to action is important and needs to interest your customers. Now imagine watching this same video without the designated characters; do you think it would have made an impact?

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