13th September 2013

Shortening your Video’s Message

When trying to sell your product or service to potential clients there is a tendency to go on and on, dishing out details upon details, because it’s your baby and you firmly believe it is the best thing ever!

 Don’t lie because we both know it’s true. It’s easy to talk endlessly about something you believe in rather than something you don’t.  This brings to question: How can you condense your endless spiel about your product into a length less than two minutes?

Edit your video script

Let’s start with the obvious concept first…don’t be repetitive. There are many ways to talk about the same feature subconsciously without realizing what you are doing. Not only does this add length, but it also is seen as a turnoff for the audience. This not only adds length but it is a huge turnoff for the audience. (See what I mean?)

Combat this issue by reading through your script before turning it into an audio.  Combine common phrases or thoughts into one and eliminate any that sound the same.

Take a look at what features you are selling in your message, and ditch the features that don’t matter. Let’s be honest some of the specifications don’t matter, so don’t waste your time.

If the product is complicated and contains a boatload of various features, consider making several audience-specific web videos talking only about the features benefiting that specific audience. There is no better way to engage individuals than talking directly to them

Sometimes you don’t even have to edit your message because you can modify the technical aspects of your audio to condense your message. Consider the speed of the message in your company’s online marketing video. Unnecessary pauses or slowly spoken phrases all add length.

Fix this by verbally practicing the script to see where pauses fall in naturally. While performing that task, play with the speed in which your message is spoken. As an added bonus of verbally reading your message, you might be able to eliminate a few words or even a sentence because it doesn’t sound right.

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