11th September 2013

The Basics of Online Video Script Writing

Alright ladies and gents, grab a pencil and paper or keyboard, because it’s time to take notes while we learn how to properly script out your message. This is actually your first step in the video production process, so take a look at our tips on how to do this right!

Just write and don’t stop until you can’t think anymore. This is a crucial step in the brainstorming process. With this method, you will be able to discover a lot of the features you perceive to be important because most likely you will end up talking about them several times. If you run across an instant like this, make sure they are mentioned in your script.

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Following the writing, it’s now time to dissect what you have written. Cross out the parts you believe to be not as important as others and highlight phrases you believe are important. When trying to condense your message, always keep in mind you should try to keep your video in within a two minute time frame.

Now that you have the gut thoughts of your script, you need to decide how it’s going to be spoken during your online marketing video. Will it be a conversation between two or more people? Will it be a narration? These are questions you have to ask yourself because that will determine the method you use during the next step.

Visualizing how you want your video to look and sound, it’s time to organize your thoughts. Put those thoughts you developed in the most logical order you can think of and mold them into a conversational structure.

Review. Fix. Review. Finalize. There is no limit to the number of times you review and edit your script. Just keep in mind it should flow logically to it is easy for your audience to understand.

Critical note: Put your script in term your audience knows. For example, if you are targeting the general public stray away from those jibberish technical phrases because most of the time you will have to explain what they mean; therefore, wasting more of that two minute time frame.

Is your script too long? Have no fear and check in on Friday, when we’ll explain how to condense the message.

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