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12 Things People Shouldn’t Forget When Making An Explainer Video: The Ultimate Listicle (With Statistics)

First of all we need to start explaining what is an Explainer Video and why do you need one, and the next we will make a list of things people overcomplicate or generally forget about why the Explainer Video is just perfect for any business.   WHAT DO EXPLAINER VIDEOS DO? The definition is in…

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Using Video Metrics to Collect Better Data for Lead Generation via KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics: Using Video Metrics for Better Lead Generation

In the past, marketers were limited to only a few points of reference, such as number of views and plays, when analyzing how well a video performed online. Today we have access to advanced metrics that can help marketers pinpoint areas within a video that are most – and least – engaging. There are a…

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