17th April 2014

How to Maximize Your Marketing Strategy with a Video Series

maximizing marketing strategy with video series

In today’s world, corporate video has evolved from a one-time, one-video market to numerous videos strategically released.

Especially for big brands (though more and more for all companies), having only one video does not give consumers enough information, and especially does not describe your product in depth. Even if you have already made an online video, we urge you to consider making multiple video productions, and here is why:

You Probably Have More than One Product or Service
If you’re a big company this is definitely true, and even if you’re a small company, is your product really straight-forward or does it have numerous uses and components? If the former, then perhaps you are OK with the one video strategy, if not, then you should consider breaking down your video creation to a multiple videos to entice your potential customers and fully explain your offerings.

Do You Have a Big Promo Coming Up?
Sure you can just announce it on Facebook and Twitter, but to really get things going, try producing an animated video series. With multiple videos explaining different angles of the promo, you can limit questions coming in from users who need more information. You can explain your free trial or giveaway very easily and visually using another video in addition to your regular explainer videos.

Less is More
Sometimes this saying rings true, particularly when trying to communicate a sensitive or complex idea. If you throw too much information at your audiences, you will inevitably lose them and they will navigate away from your page or lose interest because it “seems too complicated”. By breaking down multiple messages into multiple and simple videos your message will be much more effective. In fact, a viewer is way more likely to sit at watch five 90 second videos over one seven minute video.

Your Product Evolves
Your product most likely will change, so your video needs to as well. Using a video series with similar characters and colors will allow you to update customers, while continally market to their interests.  If you have a new feature, yes make a new video about it, but also update your regular explainer video as well.

In most cases, one video is not enough to captivate an audience. By continually communicating and appealing to your consumers is essential to success. And, as we continue to see our clients coming back for more and more videos, we don’t think this trend is going to change anytime soon.

Here is an example of one of our clients, LexisNexis, who used series videos to more effectively communicate their services:

LexisCheck Draft

LexisCheck Monitor

LexisSmart Overview

LexisSmart Precedents

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