9th November 2012

Why Your Business Should Have An Explanatory Video

Explanatory videos are all over the Internet, but why are they so popular with companies nowadays? Companies have found that videos are very useful for their business because they have the capability to simplify their message, create product awareness, and connect with their consumers. So why don’t you have one?

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Does your company have a complex product or services? Maybe, well does it take more than one breath to explain what you do…then you should consider explanatory videos, which are perfect at simplifying those things. Videos can take all the components of a message and simplify the meaning with visual concepts, all within a short time frame.

Consider when newcomers visit your site and are not fluent in the market “lingo” or are not clear for whom the business is catered. Explanatory online video

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content has the capability to take a foreign idea and turn it into something that anyone can understand and comprehend.

Interested in some additional awareness? Well, who isn’t? Videos can easily connect with social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, and of course video sites, like YouTube and Vimeo. The attractiveness of videos offers the potential of obtaining a higher click rate which will increase your business awareness amongst a wider market.

Last, and most definitely not the least, explanatory videos can help you better connect with your consumers. Would you rather read pages and pages of info in order to understand a product, or watch a quick and enjoyable video? Your viewers will be amused while still learning about your company and most likely stay on your site even longer, which is important since, as we all know, the first impression counts!

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So, now, does your business messaging entertain and increase awareness with your customers? No? That’s ok, but maybe it is just time to consider an explanatory video! Go ahead and use our previous tips and make one yourself, or if you don’t have the time, then you know who to call!

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